Reusable Gel Bead Eye Mask

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  • COLD COMPRESS THERAPY: The frozen eye mask can treat puffy eyes, dark circles, and fine lines immediately. Actually, it’s a luxuriously affordable compress. They can be used cold, great for leaving the skin around your eyes tighter and brighter. The weight of the cooling eye mask also adds light pressure to relax your face.
  • RELIEVE DISCOMFORT: The gel bead eye mask is a quick and easy way to relieve your eye discomfort. Freeze the gel eye mask and put it on your eyes to reduce puffiness from a night of poor sleep or a late night, or to relieve tired eyes that have been staring at a computer all day.
  • DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN: We designed our cooling gel eye mask to have double-sided transparent PVC and plush fabric for the best comfort experience. Both sides can be applied, use the plush side for a cool experience and the transparent side for an even colder experience.
  • HOW TO USE: Put in the refrigerator and freeze for 35-60 mins(Control time according to personal preference); No time limit on the refrigerator fresh-keeping layer. The ice eye mask comes with a resealable bag that helps with healthful storage and prolongs the product's lifetime or isolates the fridge's odor.
  • SAFE & CONVENIENT: Non-toxic pearls, lead and BPA free, pressure test, no break, no leakage. Maintain the temperature for the doctor's recommended time of approximately 25 minutes.